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The Sport Karate Museum 

Book of Legends History Book

Honoring the History Generals of the Past and Present

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The Museum of Sport Karate™

What a tribute! For all the great martial artists of the world. The inspiration for all our young men, women, and kids of the present and future to aspire to be one of the legends of the world and the Martial Arts. Professor Gary Lee has poured his heart and soul into this project, along with countless others. May God Bless all the warriors.

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The New Sport Karate Museum History General's Commemorative Ring

Calling All History Generals!

The Sport Karate Museum

Legends History

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 Bio Subscription in the Sport Karate Museum History Book 

This Project is through the American Martial Arts Alliance Foundation, a  501(c)(3)  non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.


We are excited to announce the first publication recognizing the great men and women of sport karate. These are the men and women who have been awarded the title of History General By Professor Gary Lee and the Sport Karate Museum. 


You can now have your name and biography placed into the pages of history through this one-of-a-kind martial arts biographical publication.

Sport Karate History Generals have been warriors of sport karate. They have coached, performed kata and breaking, competed with weapons, and most importantly, they have fought in the ring, paving the way for the tournament competitors and MMA fighters of today.

There is only one History General in this group who is there out of respect rather than a competitor. This individual, says one of my Instructors, Hanshi Sid Campbell, “had a vision, and he had a heart.” -Professor Gary Lee.

Over 100 Martial Artists Featured in the Sport Museum History Generals Biography Book

The Official History Book for the Sport Karate Museum History Generals

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We want to preserve your history in The Official History Book for the Sport Karate Museum and its History Generals. Many martial artists have lost an opportunity to share their success as students, teachers, competitors, and leaders. This book will give the chance to share insights on the Sport Karate Museum award recipients. The directory will provide an opportunity for your students and community to recognize you and your achievements through this official publication.


The Sport Karate Museum History Book is a perfect networking tool.

History General's will have an opportunity to share:

  • Personal biography

  • Biographical information on your schools

  • The specialty of martial arts training

  • School Address

  • Social media connections

  • Plus Online Directory Listing

  • Advertising opportunity 

  • And much more


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Happy Birthday 

to GM Chuck Norris


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