The Museum of Sport Karate™.

Professor Gary Lee

Our museum’s vision is a story that unfolds before the eyes and senses of one's self, a mystery, a fable; so many stories to be told. An authentic history of sport martial arts and relics, uniforms, belts and documents of the glorious past forty years of a sport that is long overdue on statistics and history.

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The Museum of Sport Karate™ Reviews 

What a tribute! For all the Great Martial Artists of the World. The inspiration for all our young men, women, and kids of the present and future to aspire to be one of the Legends of the world, and the Martial Arts. Professor Gary Lee has poured his heart and soul into this project, along with countless others, may God Bless all the warriors.

Professor Daryl K. Bigfoot Stewart


Gary Lee is the embodiment of the belief that one person can truly make a difference.
Untiring and unyielding, Professor Lee will see the reality of the Martial Arts Sport Museum as he has seen it in his mind.

His passion has fueled the energy of the Legends of Sport Karate, who will be forever grateful… for the time and energy he has logged in this mission.
Future stars will be inspired by the recognition bestowed on their predecessors, and the stars of yesteryear will smile on the works of Professor Lee from every country on this planet and from the heavens!

Thanks, Professor Lee, for your devotion to the cause!

-Joe Corley
Gary has taken the gift of life and, through his great character, dedication, and ethical standards, built a wonderful educational institution that caresses the entire legendary history of sport martial arts before the legends are gone.

He is a tireless worker for the sport karate history that should be told and shared, and I will support his efforts, whatever it takes .

-Karl E. Geis
Professor Gary Lee is an old-timer and knows everyone! He shares with him an Aloha spirit from his homeland, and he has a sense of humbleness, but he lives with him as a samurai, poet, actor, artist, historian, and warrior.

– Erik D. Jones, executive producer of Martial Arts Exclusive“
Professor Gary Lee should be given tremendous credit for his extraordinary effort to create a Black Belt Museum. The martial arts museum will be an institution that provides inspiration to the entire martial arts world. Not only it is a place honoring all of the pioneers in our industry, but also a place that informs, entertains, and inspires other young martial artists to dream that one day, they too will be inducted into this prestigious museum. I look forward to one day in the near future visiting the museum as soon as it opens.

-Keith Vitali, Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame
Gary is a historian, an educator, an actor, an entertainer, a Samurai, and a big kid rolled up into one heck of a role model for kids, young adults, and parents.

I have really enjoyed watching his talent grow into the force of a sport karate museum for the world.
There is no one I know who has the elite history he does in sport karate. After all, he sold me back in 1982 to be the first martial arts show Astroworld had and help create many shows after that year. With fight scenes, high falls, tricks, weapons, and comedy,
the Hollywood Stunt Show was a big hit, and Gary played the lead.

Gary is like a Tsunami; this huge wave that hits you without any warning but you love the ride and you can not wait to get hit again and again!

If  Gary puts his passion into The Sport Karate Museum like he has his acting and showmanship, it is another winner!

-Bob Logon


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